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Tuesday in Italy

We decided to do a day trip to Trieste, Italy because, why not! While not the prettiest city seeing the ocean and Miramar Castle made it worth it….read more here

Road tripping to Rovinj | Croatia

We were headed to Rovinj, Croatia for a week away. But road tripping is different with a baby, from packing to planning and even accommodation…read more here…

Digital storyteller.

Self confessed travel addict.

I love meeting people and telling stories. Australian but currently residing in Vienna and hoping to tick off as much of Europe as I can while I’m here.

Life with a tiny human

Life with a tiny human is definitely different, but let’s see how it changes the way I travel. So far so, good. Read more about it here…

Slaying dragons in Slovenia

Slovenia markets itself as the green heart of Europe. And it is – with so many environmental initiatives. But for our weekend away it was all about the colours of Autumn. And dragons...read more here…

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There is magic everywhere, you just have to find it. I like to find it, then write about it!

“A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts.” Brandon A Trean